Friday, 5 February 2010

Two Faun Bobsleigh Team

I entered the wonderful Schmancy's Winter Olympic challenge, and was put in the bobsleigh catagory. Hooray! So I present to you my Two Faun Bobsleigh Team!


Their sleigh is a bit basic, and their ears aren't very aerodynamic, but they make up for it with sheer determination.


Their heads and torsos are cotton filled with poly stuffing, and their legs are needlefelted. Their hair is just wool roving, their faces are embroidered, and their horns and hooves are Fimo clay. Their gloves and scarves are crocheted from yummy Rowan cotton glace.


I'd been doodling a faun (with bigger boobies) the day before I heard I was in the bobsleigh catagory, and when I started to think of ideas for my entry, the fauns wouldn't go away.

Faun scetches

I think of them as Mr Tumnus' sassier sisters.