Friday, 16 April 2010

Kate Beaton's Fat Pony

I love webcomics. One of the best is definately Kate Beaton's Hark a Vagrant. Check it out if your day needs some more awesome.

She doesn't have many recurring characters, but one dude who pops up from time to time is the fat pony. So I embroidered him, using this comic as a basis.

It's a very simple embroidery, and the fabric somewhat obscures the stitches, but I think it captures the spirit of the fat pony. May that spirit live in you today.

Fat pony!

RIP, furry dude.

A sad thing happened. The furry dude, little Bryher cat, is dead. She had a huge tumour in her right hind leg that had been treated since Christmas. And in the end, she couldn't walk more than a few yards, and I think her kidneys were packing up too. Finally, that leg dragged on the ground so much that she'd worn the fur away, and the skin was broken and bleeding.

I took her to the vets to be put down on 7th April. When she was dead, and lying on the vet's table, I could hold her leg with the tumour, and it weighed about a third to a half of her body weight. She was always a tiny little dude, but she was just skin and bones at the end.

I miss her so much. Rest in peace, cat-face.