Friday, 22 February 2013

In which I conquer some socks

I taught myself to knit last year.  I've done baby blankies and cardies do far, but I really wanted to knit socks.  Hand knit socks look so cool, and socky friends tell me they are really warm and comfier than shop bought.

But all my attempts so far have been a disaster.  With one pair I got as far as the toe before realising I'd got my calculations wrong and knitted a sock for a clown.  Or Bigfoot.

BUT BUT BUT this time I got it right!  Followed a simple pattern from my big DK Knitting Book and got it all right!  They are lovely and comfy and I am so proud.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

In which I embroider a hand

My cousin moved into a new flat recently, so I embroidered her a little Hand of Fatima as a housewarming pressie.  It was also a chance to work a piece entirely in split stitch, which I've not done before.  It's a lovely effect! 

Monday, 18 February 2013

In which I write to my MP

I wrote to my MP today, and posted his #imapiece jigsaw piece.  Here's what I said to him:

I’m one of your constituents, and I’m contacting you in the hope you can help be a part of solving world hunger. 

Along with hundreds of craft-lovers across the UK, I’ve got involved with Save the Children’s Race Against Hunger campaign. We want to use our hobbies to make the world a better place.

The world has enough food for everyone, yet every hour of every day 260 children die as a result of malnutrition.  Race Against Hunger is asking David Cameron to use the G8 hunger summit in June to invest in life-saving interventions to prevent malnutrition in children.

So, we’ve been making jigsaw pieces which will be added to form part of an art installation – ‘I’m a Piece’ - for Save the Children, and raise awareness about  Race Against Hunger.  The idea behind the jigsaw is that we are all part of each others’ lives, and actions that we take in the UK can change people’s lives across the world.  The ‘I’m A Piece’ installation will open at the People’s History Museum in Manchester on 1st March, and travel across the country in 2013.

We’re also writing to our MPs and sending them a fabric jigsaw piece (please find yours enclosed) to encourage them to become part of the solution to world hunger.

I’d like to encourage you to write to David Cameron and ask him to use the G8 Summit in Britain to push for ambitious plans to end the global hunger crisis.   You can read more about the campaign at, and see the jigsaw pieces that other crafters have made at