Thursday, 29 January 2009

In which there is snorgling.

Oh dear. I've annoyed Bryher. I was cuddling Yona Pog last night on the bed. The Pog was pootling in her blanket, and in a hoggy bag I'd made, and I had a big cuddle with her - this may have been an error. I scooped her up against my chest, and was stroking her nose for ages. Yona was really relaxed, but her little quills were pressing into my decolletage. Yow.

Anyway, Bry was super pissy that the hog was on the bed - this is her territory. I encouraged her to sit and watch the Pog, but she hit her twice, on the quills, which must have hurt Bry more than Yona. Yona just stuck her quills up, and relaxed a second afterwards, when Bry jumped off the bed.

So Bry refused to cuddle me last night, and this morning. I'm off work today with illness, so we had time to reconcile by falling asleep together mid-morning. I've just been snorgling her tummy, and there was much purring going on, so I think I'm forgiven. Phew.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

In which alcohol is imbibed.

A couple of people on pygmyhogsuk mentioned that their hogs like the smell of red wine. I decided to see what Yona would think about a drop of red on her towel. I dipped the corner of her towel in P's glass, and put it in front of Yona. She chomped on the towel, and then self-anointed right between her shoulder blades. Only the second time that I'd seen her do it!

I'm loving freecycle atm. I've picked up some fabric that I'm using in a baby quilt for a colleague's forthcoming production. The baby's propsed name is Rose, so it has a central square featuring a rose panel by bcheri on etsy. It's the first time I've done quilting, and it's a really simple pattern to start with. I've also picked up about 50 brass handbag handles/frames from the 1940s and 1950s! They're fab. Everyone is getting a handbag for Christmas this year.

Friday, 23 January 2009

In which there is headbanging.

My little menagerie are entertaining me a lot at the moment. Bryher was running around like a loon this morning, and banged her head on my bedroom door. I just lay in bed, thinking, "Daft cat!" but the valiant J got up to check Bryher was ok. I am a bad cat owner! The daft cat was fine, of course, she didn't even seem to have noticed... No sense, no feeling.

I gave the Pog an oatmeal bath last night, it seemed to help the quilling. Baths aren't her bag, but we reached a happy compromise where her back feet were in the water, and her front feet were on my hand, as I poured the oaty water over her back. She smelt like porridge. Mmm.

Then we had a cuddle on my lap, and she was friendlier than she'd been for days, so I think it helped. Poor little Pog.

In other news: cat ashamed of bitching about hedgehog.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

In which someone loses their temper

Yona's spot has dried up, so no vet trip from her. She's still quilling - lots of little quills keep appearing, and big white ones are coming in their stead. I think she might become a snowflake! She's eating a lot at the moment, but was in a really pissy temper last night. Poor lovey, I guess her back is aching from the quilling. I might give her an oatmeal bath tomorrow night.

I'm eating too many dried apricots today. I know it's wrong, I just can't stop.

Monday, 19 January 2009

A bag, an owl, a triumph.

I promised a photo of my bag weeks ago. And I keep my promises. Boy howdy, do I.

So here it is, with our Christmas tree in the background. On the top of the tree was Romeo from the Magic Numbers, dressed as an angel. Special!

In which there is a spot. Out, damned spot!

Yes, it's true. Yona Pog has a spotty vulva. Just one spot on it, actually, like a teenage whitehead/zit/thing. Poor Yona!

She seems fine, and it seems to be drying up - I posted about it on the pygmyhogsuk forum, and concensus was that isn't great, get her to a vet if it speads or doesn't go away. I'll check again tonight, and if it's still there, I'll make an appointment with Mr Vet.

In other news, teacups.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

In which there are nipples

Hee! I was playing with the pog last night, and noticed a little pink taggy on her tummy, in her leg pit. Oh, thought I, she's got a little skin tag, until I realised there was another one on the other side - it was a hoggy nipple!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

In which there is nibbling and bopping

Well, it's been a while since I've updated this, and much has happened! Yona has started qulling. She lost about 10 quills last night, and she's scratching a lot. She's started to pull her shredded newspaper into her hoggie bag, so I guess she wants to be nicely padded. I've bought her a new wheel which is much bigger than her silent spinner, but it's a bit stiff - I'll try some WD40 or some lard.

I bathed Yona at the weekend - I just ran an inch or so in the sink, and put her in. She didn't really like it, and tried to get out, with thin little legs splayed at odd angles. And once her nails had softened, I clipped them - they'd got a bit long and scratchy. She was a very good girl, with no biting or squealing.

I got a tiny nibble from her the other day, but I think it was very exploratory - my little finger was peeping out from behind a fold of the towel, and she gave it a nibble to see if it was a big fat mario worm. It wasn't.

Oooh, that reminds me. I was wearing a hoodie with a drawstring around the hood, which was dangling near Yona (she was on my lap). I wiggled it, and she caught it in her mouth! She was surprisingly quick. Oh, and a few days ago, Bryher bopped Yona! Yona was sticking her head out from a box, and Bryher was in such a pickle-y mood that she popped her! Bry had just used her litter tray - she's always mischevious after a poo. Yona was fine - didn't even ball up, but I scooted Bryher away. All's well that ends well, but I felt rather guilty that I'd let Bry get that close.

Bryher was being a cuddly cuddler last night - she was snuggled right up to my neck, with outstretched paws on my shoulders. I was stroking her nose and paws, she's such a gentle girl.

Monday, 5 January 2009

In which I introduce the cast

I forgot to introduce my characters! Or 'real people' as I understand they like to be called.

I - Earwig, the author of this blog. I like making things out of wool, fabric, or anything I can find. I like to write, read and paint. I love my petses, I do.

P - a boyfriend.

J - a flatmate and a lady.

Bryher - a toothless old cat, owned by J and myself.

Yona Pog - a hedgehog.

In which there is self-anointing

Well, a few days on and hedge-life is still veeeery interesting. Yona is pretty noisy at night, but I can sleep through it all ok. She loves her wheel, and really must cover miles a night. Thing is, though, I think her wheel's too small. She'll run for a bit, then a leg slips off and she stops. I must get a bigger wheel, bucket style.

Two friends came round yesterday to see Yona, but when they were being introduced she shat all over me, which I think put them off holding her. Strange.

Bryher is still very nervous of the Pog, and when I'm holding her, she'll sniff and back away. Yona doesn't seem to mind Bry, but there was one occasion when Bry yawned next to the cage, and Yona balled and popped like a good 'un. At the back of her little hedgie mind, there must be some instinct that says gaping mouths are BAD and SCARY. Ball and pop when confronted with an open mouth, kids.

Here are some Yona Pog photos:, taken by P. Hedgehogs wiggle a lot. Anyway, today there was a bit of self-annointing for the first time! She chewed at a towel I was holding her in, and worked up the foamy spit, and wiped it on her shoulders. Only a few times, but it was good to see.

In other news - I made a black bag with an owl on the front. Photos will appear shortly, when I work out how to upload them.

Friday, 2 January 2009

In Which I Bought a Hedgehog

Hello y'all. I had a blog, but I lost it, so this is a new blog. I promise the same thing won't happen to my new hedgehog! Squee!!!

Yes, I have a hedgehog. Her name is Yona Pog, and she is the daughter of Big Ron and Prezel, of Mel Stephens in Loftus. P and I went up there today to see her, and collect her. She was part of a litter of 5, I think, and she is nine weeks old.

She is so friendly - I was really surprised. Mel handed her to me, and she immediately sniffed at me, with her very mobile nose, and started to explore my hands and arms. I discovered pretty quickly that hedgehogs are one way only animals - she went up my coat sleeve, and could not turn round. It was a prickly business pulling her out. Ow.

Well, she's home now, and in her palacial hutch. So far I've been pooed on 4 times, but only wee'd on once. Hedgehogs poo is pretty green. Bryher seems more interested in Yona's food than Yone herself. I was holding Yona earlier, and encouraged her and Bry to sniff noses. Yona didn't really seem to care, no huffing or balling, but Bry seemed quite perplexed!

Photos will appear tomorrow!