Saturday, 11 July 2009

In which mealies are eaten...

My bebe cat.
Originally uploaded by Earwig.
Bryher's such a loon. I was just feeding Yona with a couple of dried mealies, and Bryher was watching. She's smelled the dried mealies before, and has never been interested in them. But as soon as she saw Yona eating them, Bryher decided that the hedgie couldn't have them, they were her food. So she stuck her nose in the pot of mealies and actually ate a couple!! I couldn't believe it, and I don't think Bryher really liked them, but no way was that damn spikey thing going to eat something that she couldn't have too!

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  1. You really mean she is a loon (see I mean even if she's eating hedgehog food she is still a cat. Mind you I knew one that ate week old nut roast.