Saturday, 16 January 2010

Catland, sometimes called Pussydom

Cat with Lute - Louis Wain
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My lovely boyfriend P introduced me to the world and work of Louis Wain, the Edwardian artist who painted and drew big eyed, insane anthopomorphic cats. It's a crazy world - you can learn more about Louis at

So, for Christmas I decided to give P his own Louis Wain cat. I couldn't afford a painting, and I couldn't find a print I liked, so I decided to embroider a cat. This is a embroidered version of "Cat with Lute" - you can see the original here:

I've never really been confident with satin stitch, so I decide to get confident, and so this is all pretty much satin stitch. As you can see from the photo it still needs pressing framing properly. It's about 7 by 5 inches. I'm very proud of it, even though it was only finished on Christmas eve at 10pm!!

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  1. Mr. P loves it very much! And comparing it to the original again makes me realise what a very good job you did!