Monday, 7 June 2010

Tommy and Tess

We can haz new cat-beasts! Well, old cat-beasts, and because I'm a lazy blogger, they've been here for a while now.

Tess and Tommy

Tommy is the black and white cow-cat, and Tess is the naughty tortie. He's 10, and she's 9, and they've big! Tommy is twice the size of Bryher - Tess isn't as long, but she's fat. And heavy. So she's on a diet.

They are ridiculously wonderful. Tess is as friendly as could be - she loves her chin being tickled, and she'll twst her head round like an owl to maximise the tickling. But she's a naughty tortie - so the affection can go to neurotic hissing if you annoy her. She's so cheeky, and bullies Tommy, but it's impossible not to love her. Tommy is quieter - I've never known a more talkative cat than Tess - and he'll take a while to check you out before he says hello. But he's... deeper, somehow. His love and affection comes from the depths of his furry heart, and he loves completely. He plonks himself down on your lap, covering it completely, hangs his chin over your knees, and quietly purrs the evening away. And he's mad for chasing things - and I think he'd eat my wool if I let him. He gets very engaged with what you're doing, and will watch me washing up, or sewing, very closely.

We got them from the RSPCA shelter, where I'm now an offical cat socialiser. They're owner was an old lady who'd died, and her sister or friend couldn't keep the cats and handed them in. We wanted to take older cats, they young ones get snapped up so quickly, but people don't take the older ones as promptly.

Here's a better pic of Tommy -

This is an old pic - they've been with us since May now, and Tommy has a nasty mark on his nose. Took him to the vet about it, and the words "pre-cancerous" were used. Do not like.


  1. aw, a lovely entry about our lovely kitties!

  2. The important bit of the wording "pre-cancerous" is "pre". It can quite easily be catch early and no further problems.

  3. Thanks Jengie - that's good to remember. He went to the vet's yesterday, and he'll have a biopsy in July.