Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Oh, and one more thing....

I have a loom! Jess's ma and pa gave me a bag of loomy goodness, which I think once belonged to Jess' gran.

Inside the bag there was a little table top rigid heddle loom with three heddles, some shed sticks and lots of shuttles. There's also a frame for big embroidery pieces or tapestry weaving, I guess.

I have warped it up, and just need to get on with weaving on it now. I want to see if I could weave a stole - it would be very cool to dye and spins some wool, and weave one from scratch.

I've played with looms a bit before now, so it's not totally new. I had a go on the big floor looms at Holy Rood House, and I also made myself a little rigid heddle loom with an old picture frame and some chinese takeaway boxes and wove this:

trial weaving

Happily, the new loom will produce material that does not smell of chow mein.

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