Thursday, 26 July 2012

In which I embroider some Davids

One of my favourite blogs is Mr X Stitch, and the Phat Quarter community regularly do embroidery swaps.  I've seen some amazing things come out of these swaps, so I decided to dip my toe into the waters and take part in the 1970s themed swap.

I was allocated Sewphie T as my swapee.  She's an amazing stitcher - I love her boxing hares, and her stumpwork is just stunning.  She said she liked David Bowie, so I decided to take him as my inspiration.

I love Aladdin Sane era Bowie, so I looked online to find pictures of the album cover where he's got that big lightning bolt zigzag over his eye.  I found a painting of the album cover that used blocks of colour to delinate his face, and thought that would be a good basis for an embroidery.

The hoop I used is about 6 inches in diameter, and I used mainly satin stitch to fill the colours in.  I couched metallic thread for the lightning bolt - looking back, I wish I'd used coloured thread to couch this down.  I used a translucent thread, but I think it looks too white on the red and blue.  I also wish I'd centred the image a little lower - the eyes should be closer to the centre.  Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the stitching, and its a strong image.

I like cats, and puns, so I also embroidered little David Meowie!  Look, he has Bowie's mismatched eyes!  He's about 3 inches in diameter.  Cute! 


  1. Brilliant, how clever you are. Love David Meowie too!

  2. Any chance these are for sale? They are beautiful!!

  3. The stitching is so incredible. Wonderful job!

  4. Thanks all! Sorry Anonymous, they were a present for a swap.

  5. No, not for sale- MINE all MINE (evil laugh)!!!
    I have blogged about the swap and "borrowed" your photos for it as they are so clear- hope you don't mind. Thank you again for making me such beautiful Davids - they are hanging on my wall and much admired!

  6. This piece is absolutely stunning! Sewphie is a lucky, lucky lady!