Wednesday, 23 January 2013

In which there is knitting

My best friend from school has just had her first baby - yay!  I wanted to make her some goodies, and decided to test out my new-found knitting skillz.  I taught myself aboutt his time last year - so far I've made a baby cardi, lots of swatches, and I've started knitting lots of socks.  And screamed at the socks.  And then unravelled the socks.  I have problems with socks.  So for this bebe, I knitted a blanky in a forest green, easy care wool.  I think this is basket stich?  With a crochet trim.

I also sewed some baby booties, and painted a card showing the stork bringing a baby who's holding a Reading FC flag - mum and dad are big Reading fans!

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