Friday, 22 February 2013

In which I conquer some socks

I taught myself to knit last year.  I've done baby blankies and cardies do far, but I really wanted to knit socks.  Hand knit socks look so cool, and socky friends tell me they are really warm and comfier than shop bought.

But all my attempts so far have been a disaster.  With one pair I got as far as the toe before realising I'd got my calculations wrong and knitted a sock for a clown.  Or Bigfoot.

BUT BUT BUT this time I got it right!  Followed a simple pattern from my big DK Knitting Book and got it all right!  They are lovely and comfy and I am so proud.


  1. i'm generally very envious of people who can knit socks - it's an extreme sport you know! xx

  2. All those pointy needles are very dangerous! Measure your feet for me and I'll make you a pair!

  3. I once had an aquaintance come over to me, with an urgent and triumphant look about her, and say, "Lily, you have big feet. I have some socks for you!" I think she was making them for someone else and they wound up far too large. They were heavy socks - cream with purple toes, heels, and tops. I still have them and well, I still have the big feet too! Happy sock making. :)

  4. Thanks Lilly Pad - they sound lovely! If I ever make my socks too big again, I'll know who to send them too ;)