Monday, 16 February 2009

In which there is honkshu

Firstly, if you don’t know what honkshu is, you should look here. Be prepared, this site will own you….

I’ve had some super cuddles with Yona recently. She’s was awake and waddling around her hutch when I woke up this weekend, so I scooped her up and took her on to the bed with me. It was the end of the day for her, so I figured all poops and wees had already been done.

On Saturday morning, she waddled around the duvet self-importantly until she discovered you could get underneath a duvet too! She dived under, and began scuttling down my leg, around my feet, and back alongside the other leg. Then she traversed Mount Knee, and around to La Peninsula De La Toes.

She’s always fascinated by my toes, and likes to sniff them. I assure you a moist nosicle and whisker combo may be the tickliest thing in the world! And then she bit a toe. Ouch.

On Sunday morning, she obviously remembered the fun that could be had under a duvet, and went straight under the covers. You may be worried about the hygiene, but don’t worry, my sheets are clean. J After some scratching at the bottom sheet, she decided this was a good place to sleep, and sprawled out next to my knee. So I curled up around her and went to sleep too.

Yes, shoes are good too, Yona Pog.

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