Friday, 27 February 2009

In which I massage a hedgehog

Inspired by a thread on the Pygmy Hogs Forum, I tried massaging the Pog last night. She seemed to enjoy it - I did little circular motions on her forehead, her back (while I was holding her) and her tummy (while she was standing). She was in quite a playful mood, so after a few minutes each time she wriggled off to burrow under the duvet (it's apparantly the best game in the world).

But in the past, she's gone all dreamy eyed and sleepy when I've rubbed her paddy paws and stroked her nose, so I'll keep going with the hoggy massage.

And then, right, I'll train her to walk up and down my back when I feel tired! I massage her, she does me - fair enough?

I'm being a bit slow on the craft front, but I'm working on this quilt at the moment. I'm on the waves, just starting. I got some gorgeous batik fabrics for this quilt, with deep turquoise blues for the sea.

1 comment:

  1. i'm privileged to know such a talented woman - dab-hand crafter and hedgehog-massager extraordinaire!!