Monday, 23 March 2009

In which there is snortling.

As well as liking shiny things, I also like interesting sounds. Last time Mr P stayed over, he recorded the sounds I make when I sleep. It turns out I don't snore, I snortle! (Well, that's when I'm not shouting or screaming in my sleep. I'm not a restful person to lie next to.) He also recorded the sounds Yona makes when she snuffles around.

At the weekend, I heard Yona snoring. It sounded like whee (pause) whee (pause) whee (pause). I want Mr P to record this, and do some grand mash up of animal sleepy noises, including Bryher's snortles.

Then he could put it on the compilation album he's making me, which also includes this song: I love Mr P, he's as strange as I am.

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