Wednesday, 11 March 2009

In which I learn something.

This week, I learnt there is no place from which a hog cannot escape.

Lots of my lovely new colleagues have asked me to bring Yona into work, so I thought I'd oblige last Friday. So I found a big cardboard box, with deep sides, put Yona and her bedding in there, and went off to have my breakfast. When I came back, there was no hog. I searched everywhere in my bedroom, pulling out all the boxes and bags from under my bed, and eventually found her at the back of my wardrobe, in a 2 inch gap behind a painting propped up against the wall.

Suffice to say, I wasn't going to use that box to take her to the office!

Last night, I partitioned off an area of my room for her to have a scuttle. She'll be safe there, I thought, until I heard an unusual noise. It was the noise of a hedgehog climbing up the pedals of my harmonium, and trying to squeeze inside. So I rescued her, and moved the partition so she couldn't get near the harmonium. I continued to read on my bed, until I heard a similarly odd noise.

As I rescued the hedgehog from the harmonium for the second time, I realised I'm not a normal girl.

Anyway, she's in work today, secure (?!) in a plastic box from Morrisons. There are air holes, REALLY deep sides and a lid. I think we're safe....

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  1. Sounds like famous last words to me...