Sunday, 28 August 2011

I bought a spinning wheel!

I bought this spinning wheel at a car boot fair yesterday for £20 - woo hoo! the guy selling said he'd bought it for £60 in an auction in northumberland, but just wanted to get rid of it. He wanted £45, but I said I only had £20, and quite understood if he couldn't go that low. He did.

I’ve done a bit of spinning with a drop spindle in the past, and always fancied trying on a wheel - so when I saw this I couldn’t resist! I think it’s a proper wheel rather than an ornamental thing, it had the remnants of someone’s last project on the bobbin. It didn’t have a drive band, so I’ve improvised with a bit of pink yarn to have a play!

I’d love to know how old it is, and what make it might be - I can’t see any marks. I’m guessing it’s 1970s? There is a shop in York that does spinning classes a couple of evenings a month, so I'll pop along there some time to learn some more.


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  2. What an amazing bargain! I can just imagine my husband's face if I brought a spinning wheel home - he thinks I have enough crafty junk as it is:)

  3. Ha - yes, my boyfriend's face was a picture when I turned up clutching it - "Guess what I've just bought!!" We can never have too much crafty junk - ahem - kit. :)

  4. I've popped in a month after your purchase - how's it going? Have you spun much yet?!