Sunday, 8 January 2012

Booky Wooks

P and I went to the PBFA Book Fair in York yesterday. Well over a hundred book sellers were at the Racecourse, and although a lot of the books were for collectors (the most expensive one I saw was going for £1,100) there were some affordable ones too.

I discovered Judith Mansfield Books there, and was a very happy bunny - she specialises in books on textiles and needlework. She's based in Todmorden, and doesn't have a website (boo) but I've got her email address. I bought a copy of "Textiles of the Arts and Crafts Movement" by Linda parry for £12.50 from her - a good price I thought.

Barry Clark (booksatchorlton21) also had a good range of textiles books, and Jonkers Rare Books had some delicious late-19th century Japanese pattern books. They were just little, hand-bound books with Japanese patterns, kimono designs, and drawings of animals and humans - for use in embroidery or art, I suppose. They were £200 - £300 though, so all I could do was dream...

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