Wednesday, 11 April 2012

In which I design a piece of tapestry weaving

I've been a bit quiet on the old crafting/ arting front recently.  Work's been busy and I've been shattered - any free time and I just crash out in bed.  But I've designed a tapestry piece that I want to weave, and I've started working on it this weekend.  I originally took ages warping my little lap loom with loads of warps - about 8 to one cm.  Then I started to weave, and realised this was far too many warps.  So then I looked up what Kirsten Glasbrook says in her fab book Tapestry Weaving.  She works at 2 or 3 warps per cm - which is a lot saner.  I like to learn from my mistakes!

Anyway, this is the design I want to do!  I orginally designed it by hand, and then drew it on the computer (using GIMP) to create the cartoon for the weaving. 

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