Tuesday, 10 April 2012

In which I go to a car boot sale

Mr P and I love a good car boot sale.  Last year, I got my spinning wheel and a flatbed press at car boot sales, for bargainous prices.  It seems I've inherited my grandmothers ability to haggle - legend has it she once tried to haggle her electricity bill down.

So at the weekend I went to my first car boot sale of the year, at Pickering.  Mr P was a happy bunny cos there were lots of good CDs, and I found this embroidered picture.  I guess the lady selling it was getting rid of things she no longer wanted - perhaps this was done by a relative of hers.  I should have asked really.  She was asking £2 for it.  It's got some lovely stitching - silk shading, cute French knots - and I bet it took hours of work to complete.  The fabric is about 50cm by 30cm.

I've bought a couple of other embroidery pieces from car boot sales - partly cos I want to build up a little collection, and partly because someone has put so much love, skill and time into these pieces, and they end up at car boot sales.  I want to recognise the talents of the people who embroidered these pieces - they are works of art.  For just £2.