Wednesday, 9 May 2012

In which I embroider something terrifying

It was Mr P's birthday at the weekend.  He's a good man.  He encourages my creativity and likes the stuff I make.  So I thought I'd reward him by giving him the most sinister thing I could make.

Well, not really.  Mr P loves outsider and weird music, and who's weirder than Tiny Tim?!

The portrait of Tim is a 2 colour linocut.  Instead of doing a reduction linocut, I cut two different bits of lino with the relevent colours.  So I can make more portraits of Tim as public demand allows!

The tulips are made of felt, and I appliqued them on with just a few stab stitches in a metalic thread, which I also used to highlight the ukelele strings and for a little back-stitch border. 

Mr P likes his present, although we've agreed it makes Tiny Tim look even more sinister than usual.  Result! 

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