Wednesday, 1 February 2012

In which there are foxes

I’m starting a new embroidery project.  For Christmas/ my birthday (no I am not the baby Jesus, it’s just these two events happen very close to each other) I got the RSN’s book on Silk Shading and A Beginner's Guide to Goldwork by Ruth Chamberlain. So, I want to do a project that combines silk shading and goldwork.  And I want to do my own design, because I get bored working to other people's designs.  I'm nothing if not overambitious. 

I also got Biophilia by Bjork for my birthday - my fave song on this is Cosmogony where Bjorkles sings about creation myths.  I loved the lyrics:
"And they say back then our universe was an empty sea
Until a silver fox and her cunning mate
began to sing a song that became the world we know."

It reminded me of Fennec Fox (Dog Star) a paper and stitch sculpture by Anne Lemanski, which I saw in Fibrearts Magazine.  

So - the plan - to make an embroidery piece with silk shading and goldwork based on Bjork's silver fox and her cunning mate.  I've been doodling foxes - especially fennec foxes - and come up with a basic pattern.  Watch this space for more in the design process!

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