Monday, 31 December 2012

In which I reflect on 2012, and look forward to 2013

Oh 2012, where did you go?  You disappeared in a flurry of embroidery thread and dissolved in a vat of printing ink. 

 At the beginning of year, I made the following resolutions:
  1. Finish the OCA Textiles 1 course
  2. Start (and do most of) the OCA Printmaking 1 course
  3. Tidy and organise my studio into a pleasant working space
  4. Blog more
  5. Draw more!
(I also want to get a bike and do more exercise.)

Yay!  I achieved almost all of these - Textiles 1 is finished (I got a 2:2), I'm well over halfway on Printmaking 1, and I have made 75 blog posts this year.  Woot!  

I did not get a bike, and am still as fat as butter.  Also - my fucking studio is a fucking disaster area.  Sorry for the swears but I am so cross.  It's in our tiny back yard - it IS most of the back yard - and was built by the guy we bought our house from.  It's got a plastic roof which leaked - we got someone in to fix the leaks from the roof, but there are still drips coming in everywhere.  It is so damp in there - I went in to do some tidying yesterday and everything was covered in a fine layer of mildew.  I just sat and cried.  So until I have proper money to sort it out and get a new roof, I don't have a studio.  But, I have tidied all my crafty/ art supplies into boxes under my bed. 

I did draw more in 2012, but it's there that I'm making my biggest resolutions for 2013.  I want to do a sketch a day.  Wildly ambitious?  Yes.  Likely to be going awry by the second week in January?  Hell yes.  But I'm going to aim for a sketch a day.  It's the only way to improve my drawing, and I need to stretch myself more with visual ideas.  So, my resolutions for 2013 are:
  1. Finish the OCA Printmaking 1 course
  2. Start (and do most of) the OCA Textiles 1: Exploring Ideas course
  3. Keep blogging
  4. Keep my craft/ art supplies tidy
  5. Draw a sketch a day!
I also want to join a gym and get more out of my allotment this year.  Wish me luck!


  1. Such a shame to hear about your roof. I wonder if a simple felted shed roof would work?

  2. Thanks Pooks - it might, but it's the clear roof that lets the light in....