Monday, 24 December 2012

In which Robbie Coltrane is riding a unicorn

For Christmas I made my bezzie mate an embroidery of Robbie Coltrane riding a unicorn.  As you do.

It's specifically Robbie as Cracker - Jess loves Cracker.  And unicorns.  I can't remember why they came together, but it's magic.  Here's the preliminary sketch, and the final hoop is below.  I painted the fabric with watercolour - first time I've tried that - and embroidered some details, the outlines, mane, hooves and horn of the unicorn. 

I think in this picture, Robbie and the unicorn have just come from the Middle East, where everyone is now crying and hugging each other, and they're just on their way to a cancer research facility where Robbie's going to tell them about a great idea he's just had.

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