Monday, 5 March 2012

In which I am disappointed by a purchase

Oh disappointment, why do you haunt me so.  I bought a toy at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate last autumn - a Punchneedle!  I tried it out at the stall, and it seemed the most exciting thing since nutella and peanut butter samwiches*.  You punch the needle into your cloth, and out the other side comes a perfect little loop.  So cute!  So easy!  So I bought me one.

And I got it out of it's wrapper last week, threaded it up and had a go.  I started making a little heart with variegated thread, just to practice.  It was not fun.  It was disappointing.  All the features that seemed so shiny at the show now just seemed a little dull.  It just makes a loop of thread.  Big woof.  And it didn't seem as smooth or easy to use, either.

So I'm a bit annoyed with myself for wasting money on it... I suppose it'll be useful if I ever want to incorporate loops into an embroidery, but I really can't imagine using it to create a whole piece of work.  Too boring and repetitive.  To machine-y.  Which I should have realised originally, as it's a machine...

*It's like a Snickers sammich.


  1. Good review! I first saw the photo and thought this thing was going to be awesome. But I could totally see myself buying a punch needle and then getting bored with using it and not finishing a project. Especially if it didn't work well.

  2. Thanks! I just got a bit carried away at the show, really. I should remember I get a bit bored with repetitive things, I've got a short attention spa.... oooh, something shiny!