Saturday, 3 March 2012

In which I hyperventilate a bit

I can't believe how much love my foxes have been getting!  They've been featured on the Craftzine blog and feeling stitchy!  That's just so cool... I mean... it used to get Craft:Magazine obessively, and feeling stitchy has featered some amazing artists...   And it's been getting a lot of positive comments on my  Flickr photo and where I posted it on Craftster...

I guess I'm just blown away by how kind and positive people are - and that they go out of their way to encourage you.  I think the internet is an amazing place for crafty and arty people - there are real communities of people out there - and they are all keen for each other to succeed and express themselves.  There's no snark (although people will give critical help if asked for) and no envy.  Just a lotta love.

I've seen it before, but I suppose this is my first taste of it first hand, as it were, and it's amazing.  Thanks, Internet People, for being so supportive.  Big love. 

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