Tuesday, 6 March 2012

In which I listen to sage advice from a wise owl

One of my favourite cartoonists/artists is Kate Beaton.   She recently had a Q & A session on her Tumblr, where people would ask her questions, and she would reply.  Like a Q & A, you know.  Someone asked "how do I learn to get better at drawing?" and this was her reply:

"You do this by drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing.  You don’t need a special pen or paper, you don’t need a desk by a window overlooking a pastoral scene, you don’t even need to take classes, you just draw draw draw draw draw every day until you’re amazing at it."

Such sage advice!  Such a wise owl.  Seriously.  I often hope that I'll buy a magic pen or perfect notebook and I'll suddenly be brilliant at drawing.  I won't.  If I want to get good at drawing, I've just got to draw.

Here's an embriodery of Kate Beaton's Fat Pony I did a couple of years ago, just 'cos he's cool.

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