Thursday, 8 March 2012

In which I enrol on a printmaking course

I’ve enrolled on the OCA’s Printmaking 1 course.  Woo hoo!  I’ve got my course materials through the post, and I’m dead excited.  I love the way the OCA mark their course materials as “Urgent Educational Material” – Mr P and I were ill in bed yesterday, and we missed the postman the first time round.  But he came back a second time – because the parcel was for urgent educational purposes? – and Mr P heard him that time.  Heh.  It’s true though, it was urgent.  I was jonesing to get my hands on it.

And I was not disappointed!  The course covers monoprints, relief prints (linocutting mainly) and collatype prints.  And combining all these together.  I may get anarchic and throw some stitches in – who knows!

Anyway, dead excited to get started – the first module is on monoprints.  I’ve just put in a big order at Great Art for some inks, a big roller (my current one is tiny) and some paper.  Inky hands, here we come.

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