Monday, 5 January 2009

In which there is self-anointing

Well, a few days on and hedge-life is still veeeery interesting. Yona is pretty noisy at night, but I can sleep through it all ok. She loves her wheel, and really must cover miles a night. Thing is, though, I think her wheel's too small. She'll run for a bit, then a leg slips off and she stops. I must get a bigger wheel, bucket style.

Two friends came round yesterday to see Yona, but when they were being introduced she shat all over me, which I think put them off holding her. Strange.

Bryher is still very nervous of the Pog, and when I'm holding her, she'll sniff and back away. Yona doesn't seem to mind Bry, but there was one occasion when Bry yawned next to the cage, and Yona balled and popped like a good 'un. At the back of her little hedgie mind, there must be some instinct that says gaping mouths are BAD and SCARY. Ball and pop when confronted with an open mouth, kids.

Here are some Yona Pog photos:, taken by P. Hedgehogs wiggle a lot. Anyway, today there was a bit of self-annointing for the first time! She chewed at a towel I was holding her in, and worked up the foamy spit, and wiped it on her shoulders. Only a few times, but it was good to see.

In other news - I made a black bag with an owl on the front. Photos will appear shortly, when I work out how to upload them.

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