Tuesday, 13 January 2009

In which there is nibbling and bopping

Well, it's been a while since I've updated this, and much has happened! Yona has started qulling. She lost about 10 quills last night, and she's scratching a lot. She's started to pull her shredded newspaper into her hoggie bag, so I guess she wants to be nicely padded. I've bought her a new wheel which is much bigger than her silent spinner, but it's a bit stiff - I'll try some WD40 or some lard.

I bathed Yona at the weekend - I just ran an inch or so in the sink, and put her in. She didn't really like it, and tried to get out, with thin little legs splayed at odd angles. And once her nails had softened, I clipped them - they'd got a bit long and scratchy. She was a very good girl, with no biting or squealing.

I got a tiny nibble from her the other day, but I think it was very exploratory - my little finger was peeping out from behind a fold of the towel, and she gave it a nibble to see if it was a big fat mario worm. It wasn't.

Oooh, that reminds me. I was wearing a hoodie with a drawstring around the hood, which was dangling near Yona (she was on my lap). I wiggled it, and she caught it in her mouth! She was surprisingly quick. Oh, and a few days ago, Bryher bopped Yona! Yona was sticking her head out from a box, and Bryher was in such a pickle-y mood that she popped her! Bry had just used her litter tray - she's always mischevious after a poo. Yona was fine - didn't even ball up, but I scooted Bryher away. All's well that ends well, but I felt rather guilty that I'd let Bry get that close.

Bryher was being a cuddly cuddler last night - she was snuggled right up to my neck, with outstretched paws on my shoulders. I was stroking her nose and paws, she's such a gentle girl.

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