Friday, 2 January 2009

In Which I Bought a Hedgehog

Hello y'all. I had a blog, but I lost it, so this is a new blog. I promise the same thing won't happen to my new hedgehog! Squee!!!

Yes, I have a hedgehog. Her name is Yona Pog, and she is the daughter of Big Ron and Prezel, of Mel Stephens in Loftus. P and I went up there today to see her, and collect her. She was part of a litter of 5, I think, and she is nine weeks old.

She is so friendly - I was really surprised. Mel handed her to me, and she immediately sniffed at me, with her very mobile nose, and started to explore my hands and arms. I discovered pretty quickly that hedgehogs are one way only animals - she went up my coat sleeve, and could not turn round. It was a prickly business pulling her out. Ow.

Well, she's home now, and in her palacial hutch. So far I've been pooed on 4 times, but only wee'd on once. Hedgehogs poo is pretty green. Bryher seems more interested in Yona's food than Yone herself. I was holding Yona earlier, and encouraged her and Bry to sniff noses. Yona didn't really seem to care, no huffing or balling, but Bry seemed quite perplexed!

Photos will appear tomorrow!

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