Thursday, 29 January 2009

In which there is snorgling.

Oh dear. I've annoyed Bryher. I was cuddling Yona Pog last night on the bed. The Pog was pootling in her blanket, and in a hoggy bag I'd made, and I had a big cuddle with her - this may have been an error. I scooped her up against my chest, and was stroking her nose for ages. Yona was really relaxed, but her little quills were pressing into my decolletage. Yow.

Anyway, Bry was super pissy that the hog was on the bed - this is her territory. I encouraged her to sit and watch the Pog, but she hit her twice, on the quills, which must have hurt Bry more than Yona. Yona just stuck her quills up, and relaxed a second afterwards, when Bry jumped off the bed.

So Bry refused to cuddle me last night, and this morning. I'm off work today with illness, so we had time to reconcile by falling asleep together mid-morning. I've just been snorgling her tummy, and there was much purring going on, so I think I'm forgiven. Phew.


  1. loving your blog am hooked - almost makes up for being here rather than there. more pics please? xx f

  2. "her little quills were pressing into my decolletage. Yow."

    there's so many jokes I could make right now, but I shall refrain in the interests of taste & decency...