Friday, 23 January 2009

In which there is headbanging.

My little menagerie are entertaining me a lot at the moment. Bryher was running around like a loon this morning, and banged her head on my bedroom door. I just lay in bed, thinking, "Daft cat!" but the valiant J got up to check Bryher was ok. I am a bad cat owner! The daft cat was fine, of course, she didn't even seem to have noticed... No sense, no feeling.

I gave the Pog an oatmeal bath last night, it seemed to help the quilling. Baths aren't her bag, but we reached a happy compromise where her back feet were in the water, and her front feet were on my hand, as I poured the oaty water over her back. She smelt like porridge. Mmm.

Then we had a cuddle on my lap, and she was friendlier than she'd been for days, so I think it helped. Poor little Pog.

In other news: cat ashamed of bitching about hedgehog.

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