Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Finished textiles piece!

I've finished the final project for my Textiles 1 course for the OCA, in which I had to design and create a textile piece.  I chose to design a piece based on stalagtites in Cheddar caves, and here it is!

It's sitting on a white towel here to show it up - the bottom bits dangle loose.  It's a wall hanging, hence the loops at the top.  The purple/silver fabric is from a 1920s dress, and I used the reverse side, so the purple thread is most prominent, and you just see a hint of silver thread.  I machine embroidered over this with variagated pinky thread to give more colour and texture.  I soaked it in a solution of PVA glue, moulded it over some bottle tops to get the bumpy bits at the top, and reinforced this with thread once it was dry.

This is hand appliqued onto the blue fabric, with darker blue fabric also hand appliqued to hint at shadows.  I machine embroidered the edge of the hanging with silver thread to mirror the pattern on the purple fabric.

Overall, I'm pleased how the textures and design worked, I'm just not 100% satisfied with the colours...

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