Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Madonna and Child

I took part in the Ship of Fool’s Secret Santa pressie exchange again this year, and was allocated another crafty crafter as my Santee.  I wanted to make something for her – I love giving (and receiving) handmade gifts.  They’re personal – you know someone has thought about you and what you might want, and has put love and time into the present.
I’d been sitting watching TV and just doodling – I love drawing faces, and I drew a round woman’s face, looking downwards.  I liked it, and drew a few variations on this, and then filled in the rest of her body.  She turned into a Madonna figure with covered hair, so I added the infant Jesus.  I liked how round and solid she was – very earthy.

I thought she’d make a nice fabric piece to go to my Secret Santee.  I had a rummage through my fabric bags and found the moon and stars fabric, and matched it with the blue and pink fabric.  I appliquéd the fabric on to the background, with cut-back appliqué for the hands and faces, embroidered the faces, and added beads for the halo.

My Santee posted to say she liked it very much.  Yay!

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