Friday, 13 January 2012

In which there is diabetes

Ugh.  Tessy-cat has been diagnosed with diabetes.  It's just like an Achewood strip, where the cat has diabetes (careful - NSFW and swears!).

Her back legs were getting wobbly and weak, so the vet recommended Metacam for arthritis, and did a blood test to check she was ok to take it long-term.  And the blood test showed up high sugar levels, so we did another blood test and.... it's diabeetus. 

Which is a bummer.  Going to see the vet on Monday - I'm hoping he might say it can be controlled by diet or pills, I don't want to have to inject Tess with insulin twice a day.  I wouldn't mind giving the jabs, and I'm not worried about the costs (although I'm guessing it won't be cheap).  It'll just be a lot harder to go away for a weekend or overnight - I guess we'd have to put her into a cattery. 

(And as I haven;t updated this blog with pet news for a long time - Yona Pog the little hog died in the summer.  She had cancer, and we had to have her put down.  RIP little spiky one.)

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