Monday, 9 January 2012

In which I am an appalling bint

I meant to post loads about my textiles course in this blog, and I just haven't. Bad child.

So, here's where I'm up to. I'm on my final project, where I have to design and make a textiles piece of my own choosing. I'm basing my piece (loosely) on the stalagtites in Cheddar Caves. P and I went there on our summer holiday, and they just looked like a waterfall, or a forest of trees. And very inviting for a textiles project!

So I've played with the colours, and the piece is in blue and purple and silver and pinks, and I've moulded my fabric with PVA glue and gathered it to create surface texture. At the moment I'm appliqueing the main piece onto the background fabric, and the blue background fabric seems a little - well, plain. Not entirely happy with it. So I'm going to take some photos of where I am at the moment, and have a play with them on the computer to see if I can make it look a bit more interesting. I'd rather make mistakes on the computer than on the actual fabric piece!

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